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Gaynor Goffe : Teaches a wide range of calligraphic topics for one-day, weekend and longer workshops to regional calligraphy groups. Please enquire for further details. She also teaches one-day or longer courses at her home in Cambridgeshire, for small groups, a wide range of calligraphy topics available.  

Tom Perkins : Teaches drawn and carved lettering short courses to regional groups. Please enquire for further details. He also teaches week-end or longer courses at his workshop in Cambridgeshire, for 6-8 people, in letter carving in stone and drawn lettering.



Courses taught by Gaynor Goffe

Please see websites of venues for further details, or contact GG

Gaynor Goffe is teaching the following  calligraphy courses at centres in the UK, including West Dean College, Sussex (WD) and Flatford Mill Field Studies Centre, Suffolk (FM):-

The following are one-day, weekend, and longer workshops taught by Gaynor Goffe, please contact Gaynor or the  relevant residential centre for further details :-

Half and one-day workshops also taught at home, approximately once a fortnight, weekdays and Sundays, near Ely, Cambs, please e-mail for further details and dates.Also intensive tuition for one week or longer by arrangement



8-11 February calligraphy all levels, Orvieto, Italy (

March 2-4 calligraphy all levels Flatford Mill Field Studies Centre, Suffolk ( mill)

March 12-15   "                            West Dean College, Sussex (

March 19-23    "                            The Princes School of Traditional Arts, London (

March 28/29     "                           Rowde, Wilts ( Art at Clevancy website)

April 11              "                           Snape Maltings, Suffolk (

April 20-22    "                               Daventry (

April 25/26     "                              Rowde, Wilts ( Art at Clevancy website)

May 4-6        "                                Hemel Hempsted (

May 16        "                                 Snape Maltings (

May 30/31    "                               Rowde , Wilts ( Art at Clevancy website)

June 1-3    "                                     Flaford Mill, Suffolk( mill)

June 13     "                                    Snape Maltings (

June 19-21    "                               Claridge House, Lingfield, Surrey(

July 6-8     "                                    West Dean College, Sussex (

July 23-27     "                               The Princes School of traditional Arts, London (

August 1-3   "                                New Brewery Arts, Cirencester ( contact their website)

August 24-16     "                          Flatford Mill, Suffolk, ( mill)

September 14-16     "                    Guildford (

September 17-20    "                    West Dean College, Sussex(

October 5-7     "                            Gatwick (

October 26-28      "                       Flatford Mill, Suffolk ( mill)







NB Saturday or weekend workshops I am teaching for regional calligraphy groups are advertised to members via the groups. (If you are not a member of a regional group and need information please contact me )

Workshop Topics


I am available for one day, weekend and longer workshops on the following topics, please contact me if you wish to arrange a workshop.

1) Basic Scripts:-

. formal italic

. joined cursive italic

. foundational hand

. 9th century Carolingian

. uncial

. versals

. Roman capitals

. italic capitals

. copperplate minuscule & capitals

2)Contemporary Variations- Any of the above are available as more advanced workshops with script variations, or mixed-level workshops covering basics and variations.

3) Other topics:-

. Renaissance round minuscule

. Renaissance San Vito capitals

. flourish design, italic minuscule & capitals

. pressure and release Roman capitals

. pressure and release capitals variations

. experimenting with automatic pens

. colour in the pen and background

. writing at small sizes

. developing rhythm in italic

. lay-out and design

. surgery for works in progress

. Additional topics can be considered


Courses taught by Tom Perkins

or further details please contact the organising body, or Tom if necessary.



8-12 January Lettercarving in stone all levels West Dean College, Sussex (

8-11 February Lettercarving in stone all levels, Orvieto, Italy (

April 3/4  Drawn and painted lettering  all levels, The Princes School of Traditional Arts, London (

June 27-29  Drawn lettering, Cambridge , all levels, followed by lettercarving with Eric Marland (

July 18-20        "                                 "    ""                                    "                        ""                                                 

August 1-3 Lettercarving in stone all level including beginners New Brewery Arts, Cirencester 

August 31-Sept 4    Lettercarving in stone  all levels, West Dean College, Sussex (






6-8 October, calligraphy all levels, ( contact     for location)

21/22 October,calligraphy all levels, New Brewery Arts Centre, Cirencester ( contact their website)

27-29 October,calligraphy all levels, Flatford Mill,Suffolk ( contact,

17-19 November, calligraphy all levels, (contact     for location )