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Gaynor Goffe is a well-known calligrapher and has taught many of today's prominent calligraphers. Her main areas of work are commissions, teaching workshops, running calligraphy correspondence courses and producing calligraphy for exhibition and sale.

Biographical details:

1969-74 Taught in secondary school prior to starting calligraphy

74 Started calligraphy at Adult Education classes with Ann Hechle and David Williams

75-78 Studied calligraphy, illumination and heraldry at Reigate School of Art and Design with Anthony Wood (Surrey Diploma in Art & Design)

79-81 Assistant to Donald Jackson

81-97 Taught on the calligraphy courses at the Roehampton Institute

97-2000 Taught calligraphy on the HND Lettering course at Reigate School of Art & Design ( part of East Surrey College)

She has taught on numerous courses since 1980 including students at Camberwell School of Art, Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute, West Dean College, Dartington Hall,Urchfont Manor, Flatford Mill. She has written two calligraphy books: ' Calligraphy Made Easy' Parragon/Robinson and 'Calligraphy Step-by-Step' ( with Anna Ravenscroft) Harper-Collins ( titled 'Calligraphy School ' overseas). A Fellow of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society and one of the examiners for the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society's National Diplomas in Calligraphy.


Gaynor has been teaching week-end and longer workshops since 1980, mainly in Britain but more recently also abroad. She is available to teach a wide range of calligraphic topics at all levels. Further details can be supplied on enquiry.

Correspondence courses:

Mini corresponcence courses are available in the following topics:
foundational hand, Roman capitals, italic, cursive italic variations, sharpened italic variations, italic capitals, flourish design, versals, uncial and variations, for learning, improving or fine-tuning scripts. Individual guidance is given, with detailed marking, corrections demonstrated and prompt return of work. Cost is £60 per 4-lesson course ( plus £5 postage outside Europe ). Preparation is also available for the CLAS National Diploma in Calligraphy at all levels. Guidance consists of help with analysis and improvement of scripts, lay-out and design of projects, use of colour etc. Cost as above.

Commissions/work for sale:

Commissions undertaken include design/inscribing certificates and diplomas, invitations, book jackets. There is usually a range of work for sale. The most recent works for sale are calligraphic collages, some of which are shown on this website. (details can be supplied on request).

Group exhibitions:

Work has been included in the following group exhibitions ( only post 1990 listed)
91 'Fine words Fine Books' SSI exhibition , St. Paul's Crypt, London
93 'Letters into Words' , The Gallery in Cork Street, London
94 'Sharpness, Unity & Freedom' Ditchling, Sussex
95 'Words, Words, Words' Devon Guild of Craftsmen
95 'Objects of Love' The Gallery in Cork Street, London
95 'Codes and Messages' Crafts Council Gallery, London
97 ' Literary Quotations' Wolseley Fine Arts, London
98 'L is for Lettering' Cornwall Crafts Association
02 'Living Letters' Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society exhibition, Walton-on-Thames


Work has appeared in the following:
'Applied Calligraphy & Lettering ' ( section) R. Sassoon
'Modern Scribes & Lettering Artists II
'The Calligrapher's Project Book' S. Haines (section)
'Calligraphy Today' ed. H. Child
'Practical Calligraphy' Nash & Fleuss
'Advanced Calligraphy Techniques' (section) D. Hoare
'A Book of Sample Scripts' J. Woodcock
'Calligraphy Masterclass' ed. P. Halliday (section)
'Calligraphy Art & Colour' P. Halliday
'The Calligraphers Companion' M. Noble & J. Mehigan (section)
' Kalligrafia' T.Heiskanen & L. Uusitalo


The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society ( CLAS )

Flatford Mill

Urchfont Manor website: email:

West Dean College

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